Operations, billing, and customer care are vital for success. Most of our clients are jumping into the telecommunications space for the first time, and we understand just how much work it takes to prepare for and successfully operate telecommunications networks. There are a multitude of things a new operator must manage – just a few are listed below.

There are a multitude of things a new operator must manage – just a few are listed below.

  • Customer care and CRM
  • Billing and provisioning
  • Regulatory filings
  • NOC, network monitoring, and QOS
  • Marketing and sales support
  • Commercial services
  • Maintenance
  • Installations
  • Reporting

  • Managed Network Solutions

    There’s a lot more to running a network than just running fiber lines. We provide a range of operational services, depending upon our clients’ needs. Some clients run their networks on their own, while others request more long-term support.

    • Email hosting: We offer a webmail platform that provides easy access to emails for your subscribers.
    • Subscriber Web portal: Our customizable Web portal allows your subscribers to access account information, make payments, and more.
    • Technical support center: We can provide 24/7 technical support to your subscribers. All calls are recorded for quality and our average hold time is just 46 seconds.
    • Network Operations Center (NOC): We provide best-in-class monitoring and alarm tools to make sure that your network is always running at 100 percent.
    • Account provisioning: Our tools allow you to provision all of your network services, including video, Internet, and phone.

    We also offer network management solutions from our parent company, NRTC.

  • Video Services

    Pulse and its parent company NRTC have more than 30 years’ experience helping clients meet their subscribers’ demands for content. From traditional linear programming to cutting-edge mobile device streaming, we’re here to help you grow and evolve your business as the market demands.

    • Linear: With agreements for every major channel from every major content producer, our suite of traditional, linear programming rights can be tailored to meet any need. You can select the programming and packaging options that best suits you and your subscribers’ needs.
    • Mobile: Your subscribers are always on the move. Why shouldn’t their content move with them? We’ve got what you need to put video on every device they own. We make mobile video easy and seamless.
    • Over-the-Top: There’s so much more to video than traditional linear channels and mobile devices. Consumers have the choice of a wide range of video options, and our future-looking experts have developed advanced streaming solutions that are unlike anything else on the market.

    You can learn more about our video offerings from NRTC.

  • Sales and Marketing

    We don’t just help you put fiber in the ground. We put your needs first, and that’s why we offer comprehensive sales and marketing support.

    Our team will work with you to create innovative marketing campaigns to acquire new subscribers, upsell existing ones, and provide compelling incentives to those who are thinking about leaving.

    We have years of broadband marketing experience as well as all of the connections you need to produce affordable and effective marketing collateral that works in your local market.

  • Billling

    There’s a lot more to billing than just providing a monthly statement to your subscribers. In today’s connected world, billing systems integrate with nearly every aspect of your network.

    Through your billing system, you’ll manage nearly every aspect of your subscriber’s day-to-day experience on your network, including speed upgrades, feature changes, and quality of service.

    Our billing solutions also include detailed reporting, workforce management solutions, and even access to 24/7 customer support.

    We make sure that we get the billing systems integrated and running smoothly. We work with our clients and their staff to ensure that everyone on their team knows billing inside and out so that you can recoup the money on your investment as efficiently as possible.