Pulse is here to help you as an operator OPERATIONS, BILLING & CUSTOMER CARE IS VITAL FOR SUCCESS

Most of our clients are jumping into the telecommunications space for the first time, and we understand just how much work it takes to prepare for and successfully operate telecommunications networks. There are many, many things a new operator must manage – just a few are listed below.

  • Customer care and CRM

  • Billing & provisioning

  • Regulatory filings

  • NOC, network monitoring & QOS

  • Marketing & Sales Support

  • Commercial services

  • Maintenance

  • Installations

  • Reporting

Depending on your needs, we can provide as much or as little support needed in the following areas:

  • Billing:

    In telecommunications, billing system integration goes well beyond sending out a monthly statement – the billing system ties directly into the TV box, the modem and phone devices so you can control the account as needed

  • Customer Sales & Support:

    We can bring you the resources of a call center full of representatives fully trained on the specifics of your telecom services and can sell, troubleshoot and provide NOC support

  • Reporting:

    Understanding your key performance indicators is imperative for success, so we help establish and maintain critical data and reports, including: TL1 and SNMP network elements threshold monitoring, sales performance reports and performance dashboards

  • Marketing:

    We provide proven pre-launch, launch and ongoing tactics and materials that clients can utilize to increase sales throughout their network