Pulse can help you monetize your fiber investment and infrastructure, enabling engagement in a variety of areas that require high-speed broadband connections.

We’ll work with you to plan, design, and manage the build of a fiber or hybrid fiber/wireless broadband network to homes and businesses that require high-speed Internet solutions. Your fiber network can foster telemedicine, smart ag, remote learning, and other fast-growing applications.

  • Field Review for Fiber Readiness

    We’ll conduct an on-site review and analysis of your electrical plant to help you determine fiber readiness. The on-site review is important to help you understand any limitations of the current electrical plant and potential costs that might be incurred. This process will help refine construction estimates for your project and will be included in your customized financial model.

  • Bandwidth Analysis

    Pulse will investigate multiple vendors for the fiber project to connect to the Internet and report back on potential pricing structures. The process will help you understand the appropriate bandwidth capacity to purchase given your desired goals for the network. The delivered bandwidth analysis will enable you to make decisions about vendor negotiations. Pulse has helped clients reduce annual bandwidth costs and reach their desired capacity goals.

  • Competitive Analysis

    We’ll also research key competitors in your proposed service area. The analysis will help you understand the appropriate pricing and packaging for your service offerings. This is the most critical input to your revenue streams in the financial model and will set you up to make critical decisions on your service offerings and inputs into the financial model.

  • Commercial Services Analysis

    We also work with clients to help them understand the potential commercial services revenue in their proposed fiber footprint. Commercial revenue can be a key component in any successful fiber deployment. Large businesses, schools, hospitals, and other ancillary businesses can be the key to a successful fiber business plan. Pulse Broadband can use its experience with other fiber projects and knowledge of the industry to help you model achievable commercial service revenue projections.

  • Plant Miles and Passings Calculations

    Pulse Broadband will use your detailed information to prepare specific fiber plant mile, premises passing, and construction information. This information will give you clear and actionable information as you formulate your specific feeder by feeder fiber construction plans.

  • Financial Models

    The Pulse Broadband financial model is detailed and complete. With more than 80 input variables, the Pulse financial model will give you complete fiber construction estimates with a level of detail that even includes a projected bill of materials (BOM). For revenue-generating projects, the Pulse financial model will provide detailed “take rate” estimates, full financial spreadsheets, and financial forecasting for periods as long as twenty years and beyond. The Pulse financial model gives you the ability to evaluate your fiber project from all aspects and allows you the flexibility of continued model updates so that you can make the best possible decision for your “fiber future.”