Designing and building FTTH infrastructure is what we do. Pulse is here to help our clients through every phase of the build, from the initial feasibility study through mapping the project and laying fiber.

At Pulse, we’re about building the network that you want. You can complete construction with your own team and equipment, or Pulse can help you find the right vendors for your needs.

  • Mapping

    An often overlooked portion of designing a network is the abundance of physical mapping required for the project. Pulse is experienced in creating a wide range of maps for all stages of construction and management.

    We create a base map for clients that contains multiple layers that illustrate all phases of construction. That map contains details about where lines are located (aerial or buried).

    We ensure that everyone on your construction and management teams has the copies they need for any given phase of your project.

  • Design

    Once the network architectures and technologies are selected, Pulse goes to work for you on the FTTH design process. This includes the utilization of advanced GIS mapping tools, with data at the household level, to ensure your design is drafted to meet specifications and to prepare your construction crews for a successful build.

    Our objective is to help you save money and stay on schedule by making the right design decisions as early as possible. We lay out everything in advance and work with customers to ensure that each step is tailored to their needs.

    We adopt a technology-neutral position. We don’t believe that sticking to just one vendor or manufacturer is the right way to deploy fiber. The bottom line is that your network needs to be built to work for you and your individual needs, and that’s exactly what we’ll deliver.

  • Construction Management

    Choosing the right construction partner can play a key role in the success or failure of any FTTH launch. Pulse works with some of the most well-respected  FTTH construction firms in the United States.

    For all FTTH projects, Pulse suggests an RFP process, in which we are involved to help ensure that the best possible firm is chosen for you. But we don’t stop there. After construction begins, Pulse partners with your team to supervise the successful build-out of your network by developing processes for the following:

    • Adhering to design and architecture guidelines
    • Submitting reports and status updates
    • Staying on time
    • Staying on budget
    • Quality control

    We work to ensure that construction of your FTTH project meets your standards, your expectations, and your schedule.