NRTC has a long and successful history of teaming with providers to bring their technology to rural America. In 2016, NRTC acquired Pulse Broadband. Together, we’re working to deploy fiber to rural electric cooperatives and telephone utilities across the country.

NRTC is member driven and technology focused. Our staff have a thorough understanding of rural electric and telecom providers, they seek out technologies that address the unique challenges of serving rural communities.

We use the collective strength of our more than 1,500 members:

  • drive further product development if needed,
  • negotiate the best pricing or terms,
  • and ensure the resulting solution integrates with other technologies frequently used by our members.

When you choose an NRTC technology solution, we’re there to help from feasibility to full implementation. Consulting on integration with existing systems and processes, we strive to ensure your choice is a true “value add” for your entire organization—from your people to your bottom line.

NRTC and our partners are here to support you for as long as you need help.